The Winx Club Phenomenon

Without a doubt, Winx Club is one of the most succesfull cartoon series over the past decades, quickly also providing magazines,concert tours,theater tours, and  movies that ran out of tickets in your local cinema, not to mention a cannon serie with the pixies as the main characters, "Popixie" it begs the question, what does the phenomenon owe this too?


Fanta? Coca-Cola? One Stella for me please.

Normally I dont really post about Winx Club Merchandise, but this one catched my eye...
Bloom is apple taste,Flora strawberry, Musa Blueberry, Stella orange and so on, note that Layla nor Roxy are present, these are sold in Russia.


Season 5 Second Trailer + Has Been A While

Gooood day everyone! (or night?)
It has been quite a while since my last post, my excuse is the manga im working on.
WinxFaeries is awaiting a makeover from tip to toe! designed by yours truly.

If you care to visit another blog I have, http://theotakuntimes.blogspot.com.es/ I would be more that appreciative.

Anyhow lets stop talking about boring old me and get to the point, you have all probably seen it already, incase you havent:

There you have it, CGI everywhere my ladies.

And its dissapointing, VERY, dissapointing.

I hate the animation, each we have our own taste but compare it to the classic style in season 1 and compare the differences.
Thats what I thought in the first 10 seconds of the video.

At one point Bloom herself says "what more could possibly happen?"

Bloom, for once, I agree with you.

I cant say alot about the plot, except the obvious-underwater theme. The only thing I hope is that Iginio doesnt screw around too much with the serie, and turn it into your average cartoon, from which you learn a lesson by the end of every episode, followed by a cheesy speech on Blooms part.

In my opinion, the thing that made Winx one of my all time favourite series is the difference of all the other cartoons, the action is actually good, the design of clothing is nothing to smirk on either, and there is atleast one character you can relate too.

Character Development is one of their strong points, too, they grow, they are human, unlike many other low budget cartoons out there.

Is it cheesy? yes. One-sided? yes.

For a "cartoon" hell, its the best out there, for an "anime" im sorry, but it just lacks.

Still, Winx makes it work, its addicting, I dare say.

Am I the only one who thinks that weird mermaid guy looks like Nabu?


Good News For The Gamers.

Remember the amout of rockstar posters that came out? the whole thing got a little out of hand and people started thinking it might be the season five/six wear, well, sorry to sadden those people but its just the clothing of the second Rockstar game;Winx Rockstars 2, release date 2013.


Speculated Sirenix Transformation, May Or May Not Be?

Recently we learned that before the Sirenix transformation, we will first meet the the Harmonix transformation, and this can just be me thinking to deeply, but considering the time of transformations and the day of today, the long blue dress and the gala-like silk can actually be of the Harmonix arc.

I came to this conclusion looking at the time of today and time of release, the style of long wear and finally the term "Harmonix" meaning "Harmony."

Harmony is meant to be relaxing and peaceful, and to be honest, the long dress and the high hair is quite a look isn`t it?

Sirenix, on the contrary, comes from "Sirenix" meaning "Mermaid."

However, to the Sirenix defence, the colours are quite aqua like, and the ambient the transformation has found himself in is clearly underwater, BUT, and this is the final hint, lets have a look at this...

What we know as "Sirenix"
Screenshot of the expected third movie.
See where im getting?
I dont know about you but I can see a clear difference, in the CGI, Bloom is wearing legings, the shirt is half cut and the wings are obviously different, than we have the shoes, boots in the CGI, strings in the cartoon.

In the CGI trailer the winx girls are coming out of the water with the Trix on their heels, therefore im a 75% certain that that is the true Sirenix form, and the cute fluffly dress "Harmonix."

Again, I may be looking trough things too much.

More Season Five And Six News.

I am feeling quite peeved with an edge of confusion, recently the Winx marketing calendar has been made public, and, well, check for yourself;

Spring `12-Enchantix (Season 3)
Fall `12-Believix (Season 4 and 5) ability of making others believe in Magic.

Now here strikes my first doubt, are they saying that we will see believix in season five aswell? and if that`s soo, I thought Believix could be only used on Earth, perhaps it was just another fault but we can obviously see the winx girls leave Gardenia in Enchantix form...

Spring `13-Harmonix (Season 5) Pre-Sirenix.

Here`s another one, now in season four we had;Enchantix,Lovix,Sophix and finally Believix, are they implying that Season Five will take OVER a year or will the split the season in two? Also, the term "Harmonix"comes from the Italian word "Harmonia" meaning Harmony, thus reminds me of "Sophix" whatever it is it seems like Winx Club has forgotten the fighting evil topic to turn evil to good topic.

Fall `13-Sirenix (Season 5) Ability to use power underwater.

But couldnt they do this in Season three aswell, without the need of Sirenix...?

Other than that, Season Four will air May 6 at 12 pm.

A Fairy Fan Book will be released on Amazon on August 7, price 5.99.

And have you missed the movie premiere? click here. 

And Finally. some awesone Sirenix fanart based on the real thing;




4Kids, Succesfully Killing Anime Since 1987.

While this is fairly old news, and 4Kids had gone bankrupt, I would like to bash a little about it, they edited legendary series such as Yu-Gi-Oh, One Peice, Tokio Mew Mew (4kids=Mew Mew Power), Sailor Moon and other series,

As its called "4kids" its obviously for kids, but why, I ask you, WHY do they edit out pointless stuff and even in shows like Winx Club edit out alot, I understand strong language and suggestive scenes, are little kids really going to know biblical references when they see it? The following are just a few of the many edits 4Kids has judged;

Black Face to...white face?
In One Peice there`s a character called Black Face, and as the name implies, the character is dark skinned, 4Kids thought it was a good idea to change his skin colour since its "racist" I ask, isnt it racist to find that racist?

Smoking Is No Good.
Roronoa Zoro, instead of smoking cigarettes does lollypops, sorry but... what.

Dressing as Drags too disturbing for kids?
In Pokemon, when the Team Rockets dress as women (Quite a lovely scene...xD) 4Kids edited it out for the mere hell of it.

Lesbians are taboo.
In Sailor Moon, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are two lovers, however, 4kids edited this to "Very close cousins" and edited out all the love scenes, I say, dont kids have to learn how to accept these type of things instead of isolating them from it?

Entire Seasons Cut Out.
In Sailor Moon, the final and most memorable season got completly cut out due to the many "disturbing and not correct scenes" such as women dressed as men, girl on girl yada yada yada, also in One Peice some season got cut out thanks to the amount of biblical references.

Winx Club too disturbing for kids.
Apparently 4Kids felt the need of cutting down the "swearing" such as "idiot" and "stupid" not  to mention the amout of edited scenes.

From Rice Ball`s to sandwitch.
In One Peice a massive rice ball fall`s on Luffy, anyone care to explain why they changed riceball`s to a massive sandwich?

Editing Out Women Parts.
Soo in One Peice, seeing its a pirate serie, its obvious that the female population wear bikinis quite often, 4kids toned down their breasts and made two peice suits into one peice suits, sorry but, what the hell.

Police Dont Have Guns.
Yup thats right, in 4Kids universe they dont, and to be blunt, they also edited out the part where an angry man goes around shooting and almost hiting Ash from Pokemon.

"My Ears Are Burning"
In Yu-gi-oh "My breasts are burning" turned to "My ears are burning"

Faerie And Fairy.

Now, some people have been bashing on me for spelling "fairy" wrong, truthfully, I got my sorces, I did my homework, I know what I write, they can both be used, but there are some mere differences though;

the word faery is often used to talk about the ancient mythical faeries, such as in folklore and literature. for example edmund spensers epic poem 'the faerie queen'. i've heard he was the first person to use this spelling.

the faeries (spelled that way) tend to be a kind of 'grown up' faery, some people believe they are descended from ancient gods. there is also a connection with druidism and also witchcraft (as in morgan-le-fey of arthurian legend). they are also linked to earth spirits, and elementals, and there are many different types of faery such as y tylwyth teg (of wales), the sidhe (of ireland) and the seelie and unseelie court (scotland). an important point is that these faeries are rarely described as having wings.

whereas fairy is used for the fairies of disney and childrens stories - such as tinkerbell, and as in fairy tales, fairy god-mothers, flower fairies. they have wings and tend to be friendly, gentle and kind (faeries, on the other hand can have a bit of a dark side and you wouldn't want to offend them by confusing them with the fairies).

having said that - older books on the the subject will use the 'fairy' spelling to talk about 'faeries'. as does wikipedia. but the different spellings help make it clearer which faeries/fairies you mean.

6 More Months For Winx Club Season 5.

May the countdow begin, after alot of waiting and speculating, finally Bethina Koeckler reported the official broadcast date together with some comments on other Rainbow shows such as Huntik and Canon show Popixie, what got my attention was the following line. "With popixie and Huntik we have two very good shows mainly because of the animation and strong storyline, I am planning to expand these shows to an international level..."  yada yada yada, and then, "Winx Club is just a pleasure to work with since its known in nearly all markets."

I wonder, does she just find Winx Club succesful enough to not speak more about it, or is the desire just lacking?

It sounds to me like she isnt very "excited" to work with our favourite Magical Girl serie, oh well.

Also, Winx Club The Secret Of The Lost Kingdom is scheduled to premiere this Sunday at 12:00 AM.