Winx Club Season 5 civilan outfits...

Ciao readers!
by now, you`ve probably seen the Winx club Season 5 Trailer, and you migth of have gotten a quick glance of the outfits, if not, here is are them all

Our favourite sun-star-moon faerie with a perfect dress that matches her princess like caracter, i so want that dress.i give this look a 9


Layla in her typical style-Sophisticated and sporty, i give this look a 7, i would`ve liked to see her with her hair up, like in season 4.

Sorry  for the sucky picture,however, you CAN see her clothes, Musa (my favourite) has the most "Normal" clothes, in my opinion, but seriously headphones? atleast its better then the tutti frutti clothes (sorry, but i HATED that outfit) overall-8


One word-Cute! sweet "just going for a walk" clothes, she sticked with her old hair wich i find awesome, it also reminds me of her believix outfit, anyway i give it a 8


Ounce again, sorry for the lame picture, i dont find this look exacly to drop dead for, but it certainly isn`t bad,it suits her caracter, however, i give it a 6

Note that i didnt put Bloom, i failed to see the pint since she`s on the video for the first half, also, did you notice Roxy wasn`t in the video...?


Winx Club Season 5 Trailer....

The Above is the very first Winx Club Season 5 trailer, from the looks of it, it seems great,(even though it doesnt reveal much of the plot, exept the transformation,wich you can just see sligthly AND in CGI) the civilan outfits=Love love love, the second part of the clip is upsetting, i mean come on, WINX CLUB in 3D? what in the world made this acceptable? in my opinion, the Winx should stay 2D and the movies in 3D, did the partnership between Nick and Rainbow come to this?...
Relax, Winx club season 5 will NOT be in CGI so says the official Winx Club Facebook page, 

"Hello! Do not worry, Winx remains in 2d! The 2d is the soul of the series! Only use the 3D to show for the first time a new world, the infinity ocean ... where everything takes on another dimension .... :)
But we can not say more!"

Horray from winx fans! now that this is solved, we migth want to get a closer look to the plot..."Infinity Ocean?" sounds plain awesome to me, keep on track for the latest news ;D


Sneak Previews:Winx Club season 5

Its stated that in the next issue of the Winx Club comics (October) the transformation sequence AND some spoilers will be shown, however, this issue will be ONLY released in the following countries-Italy,France,Spain,Germany,Holland,Belgium,Russia and some other countries, England and America are not an example,

What do you think?Will you buy the next issue of the comic? stay tuned for he latest news!


"The Battle For Magix" Watch now!

The season 1 one hour special has come to an end, 3 long hours was-in my opinion- not enough to cover the whole season 1, missing out parts like the name switch between Sky and Brandon etc...
Soo how? i ask you, are they going to cover WHOLE season 2 in ONE hour? i am seeing this as a fail, season two, the story with the Codex, Sky`s nearly death, Jared and Musa, Dark Bloom,the itruduction of Layla/Aisha,Avalon and of course, the piexies and many,many more that made this season my favourite Winx season till today, my favourite parts? when Musa and Aisha go into the disco(LOVE that episode xD) the holiday and the return of the Trix, im wishing all the luck for nickelodeon to make the final episode a blast, but im not expecting much from it, 


Trailer of "The Shadow Phoenix"

Dont forget! 12 October the LAST nick special


Winx Season 5 EPILOGUE...?

Hello Hello!
soo ive been checking around and i found on the dutch Wikipedia the next article, note that this is directly traduced from Dutch;

The winx are at work in their shop, if they get a call that the entire magic dimension Griselda in danger. As soon as they arrive at Alfea, where Roxy sitting waiting. At that moment the strongest Believix Roxy by her fairy Alfea. All seven girlfriends to come to the office. 'S remarkable is that their first Faragonda is not there. Faragonda is attacked, fought back, but lost! It lies at the infirmary. Griselda asks them to pick Enchantix keys there. They take their keys and open the mirror. Griselda says something awaits them. It's magical energies. According to Griselda who they associate with their Believix. Do them one by one, and will open up a new force. Also, a new kid on the specialists, an old friend of Nabu. His name is Sergio.
Lord Darkar & GwennLord Darkar - who does not know him? The Winx have already fought with the villain in season 2. He is back and has a shelter at Solaria, where he met Gwenn.
Gwenn - A fairy who rules over black magic. It's been a witch when it comes to her powers, and a fee for its transformation. If they "Dark forces, come to me!" calls, she will transform. She is a gothic, and sat a long time Alfea, but after her transformation was successful, she went into Cloud Tower. At first she did not accept her, and she decided to take revenge. Later she completed her studies there anyway, and she became the first heksenfee. Her clothing is a bit like Enchantix. Nothing is known about the wings.
Wizards of the Black CircleLord Darkar & Gwenn called Wizards of the Black Circle on. They travel to the Omega Dimension to call them back to life.
Faragonda fatally illDuring a fight with Gwenn is a curse pronounced Faragonda. Much of the series is the head of Griselda Alfea. Later Faragonda been strengthened and takes her duties again.
The Fall of Cloud TowerCloud Tower would be through the struggle of Gwenn and Faragonda perished. Much of the tower is destroyed, the rest is badly damaged. At the end of the series will be reopened Cloud Tower.
EvacuationVery Magix and be a part of Solaria gevacueerd to Domino. When everyone returns, Magix rebuilt. Saladin is episode 6 and episode 14 missing. His scepter is playing in this season a big role.
The weddingDuring the war against Lord Darkar the wedding of Bloom and Sky still continued. Probably happens in episode 19/20

This article is false, 
Author of the blog, 
NOTE that this source is NOT trustable, this may or not be true. What do YOU think?


Intresting Pictures...

Cute :3


                                                                           Love this.

                                                                   Love this even more.



Season 5 Premiere In November

Indeed it does, sources from michaels blog, Season 5 will premiere just two months from now in....Italy, of course, but like my earlier posts i noted that it will air in rest of Europe-if not the whole world- in January, Bit the Winx adventure doesnt end there! its also oficial that Season 6 will be aired in North America in 2012, AND a third movie,
Meanwhile watching the Winx Specials make shure you go to the nearest icecream place and buy the...   ;)

World Of Winx Game :)

Soo nick`s site has realeased a new game "World of Winx" you get to choose one of the six faeries, then you get to chose from Charmix and Enchantix (Believix coming up) and you get to chose what place you want to be in, after that, its a quite typical "adventure" game, i did enjoy it and im shure i  will play it again, link?



Not Much News...

Soo ive been looking around and yeah, there isnt much news lately, ;O Soon im starting second year again, but i will try to post as much as i can, luckily i have holidays when Season 5 premieres :) :) :)
Oh yeah, if you didnt know, well now you know it, the link for Revenge Of The Trix-


And Also, the next special titled "Battle for Magix" will air on 18th of September


Wedding Dresses

Soo ive found two wedding dresses, they are NOT official and may be fan-art, however i still like them